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Version 2019.1 SP1

Deployment of Ivanti Cloud Agent

Ivanti Cloud provides real-time insight on endpoint devices allowing IT to identify issues affecting device health and productivity of users whilst providing recommended actions to ensure high productivity and business continuity.

Ivanti Management Center 2019.1 SP1 enables the Ivanti Cloud agent, and its associated options file, to be distributed to endpoints across your organization from a centralized point, making adoption of Ivanti Cloud fast and simple.

Simply download the Ivanti Cloud agent and its unique options file from an Ivanti Cloud tenant, import them as packages into the Management Center and apply them to Deployment Groups for instant deployment and installation on managed endpoints, irrespective of enterprise size.

For further details on this feature refer to the Example - Ivanti Cloud agent deployment .

Context sensitive help improvements

The Management Center context-sensitive help system has been extended to provide improved access to relevant help topics directly from the console. In addition, anonymous telemetry within the Ivanti help system can provide us with insights into how the system is being used.

Examples of the data gathered include:

The most visited help pages

The most searched-for terms

The navigation paths from specific pages

This data enables us to focus development effort and resource on key areas of the product to help improve features and simplify the user experience.

Version 2019.1

No new features are included with the 2019.1 release.

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