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Application Control main feature set includes:

  • Application Access Control
  • Application Network Access Control
  • Privilege Management

You can turn off any of these parts of functionality if they are not required. For example, you may not want to use Application Network Access Control.

To enable or disable certain Application Control functionality:

  1. In the Manage ribbon, Click Advanced Settings.

    The Policy Settings tab is displayed.

  2. In the Functionality region, select to enable or deselect to disable one or more of the following Application Control functionalities:
    • Application Access Control
    • Application Network Access Control
    • Privilege Management

    All the functionality options are selected by default.

  3. Click OK.


Application Control provides the following key features for application control:


The key benefits of using Application Control are:

  • Protect against malicious code.
  • Selectively elevate or restrict administrative privileges to access or run specific applications or access system settings.
  • Control role-based application usage.
  • Protect 'out of the box' against all unauthorized application usage.
  • Manage processes at a granular level to control application access to child processes.
  • Stop unauthorized device license usage.
  • Apply time restrictions on when applications can or cannot be run.
  • Control network access from within applications.
  • Control network access based on location.

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