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What's new in Application Control?

Version 2018.3

Silently Block Executables

New option Do not show access denied message when denied on rule creation. This allows administrators to intentionally block certain executables and perform a 'silent deny' so that the end user does not receive a denied access message.

For more information see Denied Items

Disable Rule Items in a Group

New right-click option to Disable a rule, useful for troubleshooting issues and prevents the administrator from having to remove the rule. The option toggles between Disable and Enable so the rule can easily be re-enabled.

For more information see Allowed Items Denied Items, Rules Items

Trusted dlls for Self Authorized Items

When you self-authorize an application exe all subsequent child dlls are now automatically authorized. Whereas in previous versions of Application Control each child dll would need self-authorizing, often causing the application to crash, now self-authorization can be completed in one click.

For more information see Rules

Message Box Network Port Variable

The network port number is now shown in the Blocked Port message box, if applicable. This helps with troubleshooting issues.

For more information see Message Settings

Ignore Event Filtering per Rule Item

A new option has been added to Ignore Event Filtering. When this option is selected for a specific rule, it means that if an event ID is selected on the Auditing dialog, this event will be raised for this rule regardless of the event filtering settings. So even if no file types have been selected, the event will still be raised for this rule.

For more information see Allowed Items and Denied Items

BitLocker Component Support for Suspend/Resume

A new option had been added to User Privileges > Components so that you can now Disable or Suspend BitLocker, and the Enable option has been extended to include Resume. This gives more granular control over the BitLocker component.

For more information see User Privileges Controlled Components

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