Utilization Guide - Ivanti Application Control for Linux

This is an introduction to the utilization of Ivanti Application Control for Linux. Linked help topics describe how to configure and maintain the configuration settings available via the web console, and the logic of how polices and rules are applied. Maintenance information may help you debug or troubleshoot configuration across the component parts of your system.

The content is intended for system administrators.

Installation help is available from the User Workspace Manager help system (link will open in a new window).

Application Control for Linux New Features 2023.3

Application Control for Linux is highly configurable. Its powerful features include the following in the 2023.3 release:

Auto-Complete for Policy Creation

A registered Linux device can have the list of all the installations and their paths sent to the server, for perusal by the Administrator. The new feature means that when creating or editing a policy, these paths are used to offer suggestions for what to list in the Policy Rules. Using this feature will ensure the correct path is always entered when adding rules to policies.

Some useful logs to look into


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Installation (opens UWM Help)

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