AAD (Azure Active Directory) User Rules

Create rules that specify Azure AD users and assign security control rules with the Rule node for AAD Users. To Add or Edit Azure AD itself, please utilize the Azure Active Directory console. The following instructions are for Application Control.

All standard Console functionality expected of a User Rule is supported:

  • Basic rule display and iteration

  • Configuration Profiler

  • Snippet Import

  • Search

  • Undo/Redo

  • Signature rescan

  • Library Group in-use checking

  • Cut/Copy/Paste between rule items within this new rule type.

Add & Edit will be performed via selection from a User picker. No manual entry will be supported.

User Condition

A new Condition for Azure AD User Groups exists in the User Condition.

Condition supports: Equal, Not Equal, Query

  • Equal & Not Equal will be configured by a picker only.

  • Query will be manual entry.

Other Notes

  • Custom Rules with Azure AD User Name conditions will apply at the endpoint.

  • Azure AD Joined and Hybrid Azure AD Joined machines will be supported.