Authenticating with ServiceNow

Prior to authentication, complete the steps for Configuring ServiceNow.

To set up ServiceNow authentication using OAuth 2.0:

  1. Create a new OAuth 2.0 endpoint in ServiceNow:

    Application Control uses the new OAuth 2.0 endpoint to communicate with ServiceNow.

    Search OAuth and click Application Registry, then follow these instructions:

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    • Create a New item – Create an OAuth API endpoint for external clients.

    • Provide a suitable name (e.g. Application Control). The Client Secret will autofill on save, so you do not need to provide a value.

    • Accept the default settings for the remaining fields. The Refresh Token and Token values default to 100 days and 30 minutes respectively and can be modified if required.

    • Select Save.

    • Note the Client ID and Client Secret because you will need to enter these values into the Application Control console.

  2. In Application Control, specify details needed to sign in to ServiceNow:

    • URL: The ServiceNow server you will sign into.

    • Client ID: Your credentials for ServiceNow, found in the ServiceNow Application Registry.

    • Client Secret: Your password for ServiceNow, found in the ServiceNow Application Registry.

  3. Select Login to ServiceNow and enter your ServiceNow username and password.