Citrix XenApp

To set up Citrix XenApp streaming applications to work with certain elements of Application Control,you need to specify certain exclusions, as follows:

  1. Navigate to Citrix Streaming Profiler for Windows.
  2. Open the Application Profile.
  3. Highlight the relevant Target and select the Edit menu.
  4. Select Target Properties.

    The Target Properties screen displays.

  5. Select Rules.

    The Rules work area displays.

  6. Click Add in the Rules work area.

    The New Rule Select Action and Objects dialog displays.

  7. In the Action section leave the default setting as Ignore.
  8. In the Object section select Named Objects and click Next.

    The New Rule Select Objects dialog displays.

  9. Select Some Named Objects and click Add.

    The Choose Named Object dialog displays.

  10. Add\??\pipe\Appsense* and click OK.

    This displays in Named Objects on the New Rule Select Objects dialog.

  11. Click Next to display the New Rule Name Rule dialog.
  12. Enter a name for the rule or accept the default and click Finish.
  13. Click OK.

    The Target Properties screen displays and the Ignore all named objects rule is listed in the work area.

  14. Save the Profile.

Repeat for each Application Profile as required.