Configuration Profiler

The Configuration Profiler allows you to create a full report based on your current configuration or a report that focuses on a specific configuration items that match defined criteria such as the File, Folder, Network Connection, User, Group, and Device rule items. A full report also contains any conditions set for custom rules. Reports can be created whether configurations are stored locally or in a central database.

Use general reports to assist auditing and compliance requirements such as Sarbanes

When you create a Configuration Profiler report, the configuration must be loaded into the Application Control console. It does not need to be deployed.

Create a report with Configuration Profiler

  1. In the Manage ribbon, click Configuration Profiler.
  2. The Configuration Profiler dialog displays.
  3. Select the report type.
  4. If required define the criteria for the report.
  5. Click Create.

Report Types

Select one of the following types of report:

  • Complete Report - Produces a report which includes all aspects of the configuration, including any conditions set for custom rules.
  • Report based on specific criteria - Produces a report which is based on the specified criteria as selected in the Report Criteria section.

Report Criteria

Report criteria are used when you want to create a report that focuses on specific configuration. In the Define Criteria section of the dialog, select from the following:

  • User
  • Group
  • File
  • Folder
  • Network Connection
  • Device
  • Enter value to match - Enter the value to match for the associated criteria.

Report Output

When a report is created, the report is automatically displayed in a preview window where you can change the following:

  • Paper
  • Size
  • Watermarks

When the changes have been applied, you are given the option to save the report in various formats, such as, PDF and Print.

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