Configuring ServiceNow to Accept Tokens

You can use any OIDC identity provider.

Prior to configuring ServiceNow, follow these steps for Configure Identity Providers for OIDC.

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To Configure ServiceNow to Authenticate with the Identity Provider:

  1. In ServiceNow, enter oAuth in the Search bar. Select Application Registry.

  2. Select the existing OIDC provider you want to use, or to create a new entry, select New > Configure an OIDC provider to verify ID tokens.

  3. Enter the Client ID and Client Secret from the Application Registration.

  4. Create a new OAuth OIDC Provider Configuration, or use a named template.
    1. To configure an existing entry, select the to preview the record, then select Open Record.
    2. To create a new entry, select the search icon and select New.
      • The OIDC Metadata URL is your company instance hosted by the identity provider with the /.well-known/openid-configuration suffix.
      • Ensure the User Claim and User Field are both email.
    3. Select Submit for new entries or Update for existing entries.
  5. Select Submit or Update to save the external OIDC provider information.

Managing Tokens in ServiceNow

  1. Select System OAuth > Manage Tokens from the side menu to view end users' refresh tokens.

  2. Select the token you want to revoke, and click Delete.

    You may revoke a token at any time, but tokens do not have associated user names.