Endpoint User Access

About Endpoint User Access

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Standard users in ServiceNow need read access to the following tables in order to query the relevant Application Control information.

  • Item_option_new: This table allows users to query the parameters defined for the Application Control catalog. If the user does not have access, they will see Server Error: Forbidden. This table also is required within the console when configuring the catalog items.

  • Sc_item_option and sc_item_option_mtom: These tables allow users to query the parameters to existing Application Control requests. If the user does not have access to them, they will not be able to view any existing requests.

  • Question_choice: This table shows the user the options that are displayed when creating a new Policy Change Request. If the user does not have access, they will see Server Error: Forbidden when the Create New Request dialog should appear.

You also can create a new Role to give users read access to the relevant tables. To create a new Role:

  1. Type role in the search menu and select Roles.

  2. Select New and type Application Control User.

  3. Save

To amend ACLs, the Elevate Role is required. Click the user icon in the top right and then ‘Elevate Role’ from the menu. Then:

  1. Type ACL in the search menu and click Access Control (ACL).

  2. Search for Item_option_new, with read operation and click the table.

  3. Double Click Insert Role and add the new Role Do the same for the other tables mentioned above.

The new role can either be added to users directly, or added as a sub role to an existing role (e.g user) so all users will automatically inherit the new role.