Endpoint User Approval Requests

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After a user makes a request, a new request item will be created for them in ServiceNow. You can view this item under Service Catalog > Open Records > Items in ServiceNow.

For each item, the variables populate with information about each request. The relevant authority then approves or denies requests as follows:

  1. Sign in to ServiceNow.

  2. Click the Request Item link which begins with the letters RITM.

  3. Select the Approvers tab at the bottom of the sidebar menu, and follow the link.

  4. The following options are available:

    • Update: Saves changes you make to the request.

    • Approve: Approves the request.

    • Reject: Rejects the request.

    • Delete: Deletes the request item.

When Application Control next polls (or the user manually refreshes), it updates the status and allows or denies the application. It then notifies the user of the new status with a toast notification. Users also can view the current status of all their Policy Change Requests in the ChallengeResponse application.