Prevent the Windows Firewall Service from being stopped


  • You are an IT Administrator
  • You are creating an Application Control configuration
  • You want to prevent the Windows Firewall service from being stopped by everyone in the organization


  1. In the Everyone group, select the User Privileges node.
  2. Select the System Controls tab.
  3. In the work area, right-click and select Service Control Item.
  4. The Add Service Control Item dialog displays.
  5. Use the ellipsis in the Display Name field to navigate to the Browse Installed Services dialog and select Windows Firewall. Alternatively, enter the name of the service in the field provided. Wildcards can be used if required.

    For further information on wildcards, see Wildcards and Regular Expressions.

    If the service is located on another endpoint, click the Connect button and enter the endpoint name and your credentials. Select the required service from the list of installed services. To select more than one service, hold down the Ctrl button on your keyboard and select the required services.

    If you are connected remotely to another endpoint, click the My Computer button to view the list of services on your local machine.

  6. Click Add.

    The Display Name and Service Name details are automatically populated in the Add Service Control Item dialog.

  7. Click Add.
  8. Select Builtin Restrict from the drop-down list in the Policy Column. By selecting this option, you are granting the application or component the privileges to complete a specific action that would otherwise need to be performed by an Administrator. Alternatively, select the BuiltIn Restrict option to restrict the application or component from automatically completing the action.
  9. Users are prevented from stopping the Windows Firewall service.

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