Rules Items

Rule items include files, folders, network drives and connections, signature files, Windows Store Apps, and groups, which you can add to rule nodes, such as Allowed Items and User Privileges.

Application Control 2020.3 enables rule items for files, folders, signatures, and groups to be configured to prompt the user before elevating application privilege. This allows the user to choose whether to run the application (or item) elevated or normally. For auditing purposes, it is recommended the user is prompted to supply a reason for the elevation.
Note the audit event code used is 9023 (Self-elevation).




Signatures and Signature Items

Network Connection Items

Network Connection Items can be created for any network resource and can be added directly to a Rule. Adding single Network Connection Items to Allowed and Denied Item lists is useful when a more granular level of control is required, or when only a few items are required. However, using this method could prove time-consuming.

Network Connection Items can be cut, copied or dragged and dropped between rules. There are no default Network Connection Items in a configuration. The full path of the Network Connection Item cannot exceed 400 characters.

Windows Store Apps


Groups can be added to User Privileges to hold and manage logical collections of files, folders, drives, signature files, and network connection items. You can also add them to the lists of Allowed or Denied Items for a rule.

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