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Version 2024.1

Browser Control Cascade extension

A new Knowledge Base article describes how to prevent Google Chrome from launching with disabled extensions. Read more.

Blocked URL shown in redirect notice

When Browser Control blocks a URL, Application Control now displays the blocked URL in the redirect notice to the user. Read more about Browser Control.

ImageHijackDetection event collection

Application Control now collects the ImageHijackDetection event. Read more about Advanced Settings.

Use folders and references to organize groups

Now you can organize groups into folders and cross-reference them, simplifying group management and creation of rule items. Read more about Group Management.

Import a .csv file from Edge Intelligence

Event viewer allows you to import Application Control event data generated by Edge Intelligence queries using a .csv file. Read more about the Event Viewer.

Wildcard and fullpath support for ExProcessNames custom setting

The custom setting ExProcessNames now supports the use of wildcards and fullpath. Use these settings in conjunction with Ivanti Support.

Description field added to all Rule nodes

All Rule nodes now have an option to add a description to new and existing rules.

Azure Active Directory (AAD) rebranding

Application Control has been updated to reflect the rebranding of AAD to Microsoft EntraID.

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