Favorites Synchronization

With multiple browsers in use, the management of browser bookmarks (or favorites) can be an issue in terms of user experience. Users typically add favorites within different browsers but do not always recall which browser they were added to. Users may also add favorites within a browser even though the browser selected does not render the site or webpage correctly, resulting in poor user experience and loss of productivity. In addition, different browsers use different approaches to store bookmarks/favorites and this results in an inconsistent end user experience.

To assist with these challenges, Browser Management provides capabilities around the management of browser bookmarks and favorites.

The Favorites Synchronization feature enables administrators to provision default favorites to display using a specific browser only. In addition, all specified (non-default) favorites can be synchronized between the different browsers. This ensures the same set of bookmarks/favorites is available to the user irrespective of the browser currently in use.

User created preferences related to favorites are also retained. Properties such as theIcon Only option and the relevant favorites icon are also synchronized to provide a consistent browsing experience.

Favorites Synchronization allows for a set of default favorites to be provisioned for each browser. These defaults do not synchronize across other browsers, and allow for a specific browser to be provisioned in cases where this is required.

All user-created favorites are stored independently of the browsers. By default they are stored in the %AppData%\Ivanti\BrowserFavorites folder, along with their associated icons. This location can be changed to an alternative location as required.

The Favorites Synchronization feature also has a read only mode where favorites or bookmarks from all browsers can be stored to a central location. These centrally stored favorites can then be deployed to a new environment and so assist with migrations.

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