What's New in Ivanti Browser Manager?

Version 2022.1

In addition to code enhancements and bug fixes the following features are included:

Browser Manager Console

Ivanti Browser Manager has a new Console which simplifies product setup and configuration allowing configurations to be installed to endpoints via MSI files or as .abmp files.

Management Center Support

Ivanti Browser Manager 2022.1 now supports deployment of agents and configurations via the Ivanti Management Center. Agents can be quickly and simply deployed and configurations can be delivered and managed with full version control and rollback capabilities as existing User Workspace Manager customers do today.

Resource Blocking

A new Resource Blocking feature has been added which in its initial incarnation provides the ability to block ads in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. The Ad Block capability is built using the latest manifest v3 compliant browser extensions which have automatic updating capabilities.

Automatic installation of Extensions

The Browser Redirector and Resource Blocking features require the use of browser extensions. In previous releases these extensions had to be installed via policies. Browser Manager 2022.1 automatically silently installs the required extensions when the relevant features are enabled.

"Ivanti Browser Management" is now "Ivanti Browser Manager"

With the closer relationship between Ivanti Browser Manager and User Workspace Manager, "Ivanti Browser Management" has been re-branded as "Ivanti Browser Manager" (IBM). Please note that previous versions of the Online Help will honor the software title at that time.

Online Help Updates

With a new console, the online help has been restructured to reflect the updates to Browser Manager with this release. Please review and reset any favorite links you may have saved.

Previous Releases