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Install and Configure Guide
Historically, in addition to this help file, a derived Install and Configure Guide was published as a pdf. All content within that guide remains included within this help file and from 2019.1 release the publication of a separate guide has been deprecated.

User Workspace Manager components can be installed using either the User Workspace Manager Installer or manually by using the individual MSIs.

Products can be installed with the Management Center to create integrated enterprise-scale solutions or installed as a standalone product aimed at evaluations.

The User Workspace Manager Installer provides a comprehensive process for installing any combination of User Workspace Manager products in a single fully integrated sequence. The installer performs a complete check for system prerequisites and provides you with the option of installing required technologies automatically.

There are three types of User Workspace Manager installation:

  • Evaluation - Install and configure all databases, services, and consoles automatically on one Windows server.
  • Advanced - Provides control over which databases, services, and consoles install on each server.
  • Clients and Consoles Only - Install selected client agents and consoles.

Alternatively, you can install each of the product components manually, by running the product installer packages for each component.

Caution: When installing User Workspace Manager products manually, you must ensure that all required technologies and User Workspace Manager components are added. A list of required technologies and components is available in the Prerequisites.

If using Active Directory, ensure that you follow Microsoft’s Active Directory Best Practices to enable it to work well with the Management Center Membership Rules and Deployment Groups.


Installer packages for each component in the User Workspace Manager product set include 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the Agent and Console, and for Environment Manager the PersonalizationServer.

Additional prerequisite third-party software components are provided with the installation media and can be installed automatically via the User Workspace Manager Installer or manually by running the relevant packages provided.