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Management Center Third Party Public Symbols Usage

Public symbols are available for all Management Server binaries by contacting Support. The Management Server also uses a number of third-party binaries which may be available by contacting the vendor; these binaries are listed below.

  • DevExpress_XtraCharts_<version>.dll
  • DevExpress_Charts_<version>_Core.dll
  • DevExpress_XtraReports_<version>.dll
  • DevExpress_XtraGrid_<version>.dll
  • DevExpress_XtraTreeList_<version>.dll
  • DevExpress_Data_<version>.dll
  • DevExpress_XtraBars_<version>.dll
  • DevExpress_OfficeSkins_<version>.dll
  • DevExpress_BonusSkins_<version>.dll
  • DevExpress_XtraEditors_<version>.dll
  • DevExpress_Utils_<version>.dll
  • DevExpress_XtraNavBar_<version>.dll
  • DevExpress_XtraLayout_<version>.dll
  • DevExpress_Scheduler_<version>.dll
  • DevExpress_XtraRichEdit_<version>.dll
  • DevExpress_XtraPrinting_<version>.dll
  • log4net.dll

Where <version> is the version number of the library.