Uninstall Application Control for Linux

This section describes how to uninstall Application Control for Linux and cleanup your files.

Windows Server

Before uninstalling any files ensure the Mosquitto MQTT Broker Windows service is stopped, and the Services window is closed.
An Eclipse Mosquitto bug exists and requires this as a workaround.

1.Uninstall the Ivanti Application Control for Linux Server from your Windows server. This removes Ivanti Application Control for Linux files and the security certificates that were automatically generated and configured by the installer on your Windows server.

2.If you have installed any pre-release version of Application Control for Linux you must cleanup your SQL Server instance by manually deleting the AcDatabase.

3.Optional step - manually uninstall Eclipse Mosquitto from your Windows server. It is recommended you also check your Program Files directory for any remaining Mosquitto folders and delete them as required.

Linux Endpoint

1.Find the package names on your Linux endpoint. The following command will return the names required:

rpm -qa | grep -i "ivanti*"

Example output:



2.Remove found packages.
Adapt the following commands with the package name values identified:

sudo yum remove -y <ivanti-ac-agent_package_name>

Example package_name: "ivanti-ac-agent-1.1-1.x86_64", quotes excluded.

Optional: if your Linux system cannot resolve Agent to Engine dependency, and does not automatically offer Engine removal, perform the following additional step:

sudo yum remove -y <ivanti-ac-engine_package_name>

Example package_name: "ivanti-ac-engine-0.1-1.x86_64", quotes excluded.

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