Managing Licenses

Add a License

  1. Open the User Workspace Manager Licensing console.
  2. Click Add.

    The Add License Key dialog displays.

  3. Enter the License Key and click Add.

    If you received a TXT file from Ivanti, open the file and copy the license key, paste it in to the Add License Key dialog.

    If you received a LIC file from Ivanti, refer to the Import a License section.

Details of the license are displayed in the console and the license key is added to the following location:


Activate a License

Once added, some licenses require activating.

  1. Open the User Workspace Manager Licensing console.
  2. Select a license or add one to the licensing console.
  3. Click Activate.
  4. Type or copy and paste the activation code.
  5. Press Enter to accept the code.

    The license console saves the license key to the MS Windows registry on the local machine. The License Status field updates to show the status of the license and the license details display in the lower part of the console.

To check that the license is active on your endpoint, search the registry for the license code. If the search finds the code, then the license is active.

Remove a License

Highlight the required license and click Remove.

A confirmation dialog displays.

Click Yes to confirm.

The selected license is deleted and removed from the console, and the MS Windows registry or %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\AppSense\Licenses location, whichever is applicable to the license type.

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