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Database Summary

The Database node displays the product Database Summary page, where you can see a list of all Database Connections and create or delete them.

Create a Database

You can create databases for both the Management and Personalization servers.

Edit a Database Connection

You can edit databases for both the Management and Personalization servers.

Configure Personalization Databases with Low SQL Privileges

Personalization Server uses an SQL Server database to store personalization data. The installation procedure requires sysadmin access to the SQL Server instance in order to create and initialize the personalization database. When the person installing the Personalization Server does not have sysadmin access, scripts can be exported to enable the database to be set up. It is assumed that the SQL Server instance is on a separate machine to the Personalization Server.

Scripts can only be exported using PowerShell and not from the Server Configuration Portal. For more information on PowerShell scripts, see the Server Configuration Portal Scripting Guide.

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