Personalization Operations

Personalization Operations is an Environment Manager utility that provides management of Personalization data via a web console. Depending on their role, users can manage backups and current settings for either single users or multiple users at a time. They can also search for and delete audit logs, and view the migration status of Personalization Groups.

Personalization Operations web console is accessed via the URLs displayed in the User Workspace Manager > Personalization > Personalization Servers > [Server] > [Instance] Detail page.

Personalization Operations is configured in the Personalization Operations node for a Personalization server instance.

To navigate to the Personalization Operations node in the tree structure select, User Workspace Manager > Personalization > Personalization Servers > [Server] > [Instance] > Personalization Operations. The Settings page displays.

You can update the settings so that the website is Online or Offline, enable or disable logging, and specify the authentication type.

If you are the administrator configuring the Personalization server and database, you have administrator rights in the Personalization Operations utility. Before other users can use Personalization Operations, they must be added as Personalization Operations users and assigned roles and Personalization Groups. You can do this in the User Roles page of the Personalization Operations web console.

For more information, see the ManagingUser Roles topic in the Personalizations Operations Help.