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Set Desktop Wallpaper

  1. Set the background to be displayed on user endpoints.
  2. In the Policy Configuration navigation tree, select or create a node or condition.
  3. In the Actions ribbon, select Set Desktop Wallpaper.
  4. Enter a folder path and filename or click the ellipsis to select the required image. The following file types are compatible with this action:
    • Bitmap (*.bmp *.dib *.rle)
    • Jpeg (*.jpg *.jpeg *.jpe *.jfif)
  5. Select how the wallpaper is displayed:
    • Center
    • Fill
    • Fit
    • Span
    • Stretch
    • Tile
  6. Select Copy to to save the image on endpoints and enter or navigate to the required location.
  7. Click OK to save the action.

For local Windows 7 users who have the Windows theme set and have not previously logged onto a client, the wallpaper set by this action is overwritten by the Windows theme. This only affects the initial logon - for all subsequent logons, the wallpaper defined in this action is applied.

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