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Update Text File Action

When triggered, this action replaces text in an editable text file. This could be any type of plain text file such as LOG, CSV, TXT or JS.

Create an Update Text File Action

  1. Select the node or condition to add the action.
  2. In the Actions ribbon, select File & Folder > Text File Update.
  3. In the File field, use the ellipsis (...) to navigate to the text file you want to update.
  4. In the Search For field, enter the text which you want to update. The search will look for the exact sequence of words entered.
  5. Use the checkboxes to apply the following settings.
    • Match Case - Will only match text which has the same case as the Search For text
    • Use Regular Expressions - Allows regular expressions to be used to broaden the search criteria
    • Multi-Line Mode - Select if either text field contains more than one line of text.
  6. In the Replace With field, enter the text you want to update the file with.
  7. Complete the optional tabs as required.
    • General
    • Run As

  8. Click OK to create the action.

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