Find and Replace

Environment Manager configurations can be searched using text strings and regular expressions. The whole of the navigation tree can be searched or individual areas, such as a node or a trigger, can be targeted. Searches include all nodes, child nodes, conditions and actions in a configuration or within the selected area.

Find and Replace could be used, for example, to change the name of a server throughout the configuration, to amend the IP address of a particular endpoint or just to find where in a configuration a particular registry key is referenced.

Perform a Find and Replace

  1. In the Edit ribbon, select Find and Replace.

    The Find and Replace dialog displays. If you want to target the search, select the required area of the configuration prior to opening the dialog. In the example below, the Computer\Process Started trigger was selected. This can be changed in the dialog as explained in step 4.

  2. In the Find field, enter the text to search for or the regular expression you want to use for the search.
  3. In the In field, define which elements of the configuration you want to search - Actions, Conditions, Nodes and/or Reusable Nodes.
  4. Check that the Where field shows the path to the area of the configuration you want to search. If the path is incorrect:
    • Amend the path manually
    • Delete the path to search the whole configuration
    • Select a previously searched path from the drop-down
  5. In the Replace with field, enter the replacement text. If you are performing a search, this field can be left blank.
  6. Configure the find options by selecting any combination of the check boxes:
    • Match Case - Search for only those items which match the capitalization of the text in the Find text
    • Match Whole Word - Search for only those items which match the whole word in the Find field.
    • Use Regular Expressions - Return any items which match the regular expression entered in the Find field.
  7. Click Find to display all items that match your search criteria.

Search Results

The search results list any item which matches the query and show where the item is found in the configuration.

In the example below, the user has searched for "CurrentVersion". The search results include the registry key "Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer". This registry key is referenced in actions found in two different triggers in the configuration. The path to each of the actions is displayed beneath the match.

Search Results Example

Select a path to automatically navigate to that area of the configuration. To move to the next match, click Find Next.

If you want to replace text, select the required match and click Replace - to replace all matches click Replace All.

You can redefine a search at any time by updating the criteria and clicking Find to update the results. For example, you restrict your search to Conditions or focus the search on another area of the configuration.

To view or edit an action or condition in the search results, select the item and click View/Edit. The item opens in the relevant dialog.

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