Group Policy Location

Group polices are stored in administrative template files (ADM and ADMX files). By default, the files are stored in the following locations:

  • ADM - C:\WINDOWS\Inf
  • ADMX - C:\WINDOWS\PolicyDefinitions

You can change the default location. If you do, the new location is used for both ADM and ADMX files, and is displayed when you open the dialog to create a Group Policy action. You can overwrite a default location on a per action basis. The setting is stored in both the configuration and the console, which results in the following:

  • If multiple administrators access the same configuration, they see the same default location.
  • You can access a configuration on multiple devices, and the location remains the same.
  • The setting persists; so if you create a new configuration, the default location is as you set it for the previous configuration.

To set a default Group Policy location:

  1. In the Manage ribbon, select Group Policy Location.

    The Group Policy Location dialog displays.

  2. Browse to the location in which you want to store the Group Policy files.
  3. Click OK.

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