Environment Manager Administrative Tools

Environment Manager is packaged with the following standalone tools to assist administrators when they create configurations and work with the Personalization database:

  • Environment Manager Logging Setup
  • Environment Manager Monitor
  • Environment Manager Endpoint Analysis Tool
  • Environment Manager Log File Conversion
  • EMP File Utility
  • EMP Migrate Utility
  • EMP Migrate Command Line Utility
  • EMP Registry Utility
  • File Based Registry Explorer

The tools cover a range of functionality and employ a variety of user interfaces - from command line utilities such as the EMP File Utility to more extensive graphical interfaces such as the File Based Registry Explorer.


The 32 and 64-bit Administrative Tools installers are included with the Environment Manager installation media:

  • EnvironmentManagerTools32
  • EnvironmentManagerTools64

Once installed to the default location, the tools are available from the Start > All Programs > AppSense > AppSense > Tools menu.

The tools are run independently from Environment Manager and all our other products.

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