Load a Log File from Disk

  1. From the Recent Log Files drop-down, select Open Log File.
  2. From the Include Event Types drop-down, select the logging event types to load from the selected log file. Options are available for specific user and computer events.
  3. From the Include Detail Levels drop-down, select the logging level to load from the selected log file and click OK. The following levels are available:
    • Critical
    • Error
    • Warning
    • Info
    • Trace
  4. Click .

    A file browse dialog displays.

  5. Select an ETL log file and click Open.

    Environment Manager Monitor loads the log file. The loading progress displays at the bottom of the dialog. The log file may take a few minutes to load depending on its size, event types and event detail.

After opening a log file, the file is added to the Recent Log Files drop-down. To open a recently used log file, select the file, event types, detail level and click

Clear the Recently Used Log Files List

  1. From the Recent Log Files drop-down, select Clear Log Files.
  2. Click .
  3. Click Yes in the confirmation dialog.

Entries from the Recent Log Files drop-down are removed.