Add a New Application to a Personalization Group by Name

  1. Add a new application, either to a new or existing Application Group, to be personalized for users who match the membership rules of the Personalization Group.
  2. In the User Personalization navigation pane select Personalization Groups.
  3. Select a personalization group.
  4. Select the Application Personalization tab.
  5. Click New By Name.

    The Add an Application dialog displays.

  6. In the Executable field, enter an application executable name or click the ellipsis (...) to select an application from the file system.
  7. Optionally, in the Folder field, enter a folder path or click the ellipsis to select a folder from the file system. The application is managed only if it is located in the specified folder.

    If the field is left blank, all applications matching the entered criteria are managed, regardless of location.

  8. In the Name field, enter a name to uniquely identify the application within the Environment Manager console. Applications must not have the same name as existing applications or Application Groups.
  9. Optionally, tick Advanced Details and, in the Operating System and Application Version fields, enter regular expressions to target a specific operating system and/or application version. Alternatively, use the .* default regular expression to include all operating systems and application versions.

    The specified combination of executable name, operating system and application version must not match existing applications.

    Applications must be added to a new or existing Application Group:

  10. New Application Group - Specify the Application Group name in the Create New Application Group field. The Application Group name is automatically populated from the application name, however it can be changed as required. Application Groups must not have the same name as existing applications or Application Groups.
  11. Existing Application Group - Select an existing Application Group in the Add to Existing Application Group field.
  12. Click OK.

The Application Group is added to the Personalization Group.

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