App-V 4.x Wizard

The App-V 4.x Wizard guides you through the steps required to extend an Open Software Description (OSD) file.

The wizard is not compatible with App-V 5.

An OSD file is generated by App-V to define how an application is launched and configured. The App-V action is designed to extend the capabilities of application delivery offered by Microsoft App-V. It can be used to manipulate an OSD configuration file for an App-V sequenced application to configure associated settings including environment variables, registry keys, pre and post launch scripts and policies.

This allows the App-V delivered application to be tailored based on how or where the user is accessing the streamed application.

The following OSD script types are supported:

  • JScript
  • Batch
  • Perl
  • HREF

The wizard guides you through the steps required to roll out an App-V Streamed Application to managed endpoints:

  • Select Source OSD
  • Update OSD Details
  • OSD Target File Location
  • Summary

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