Live Configuration Rules

When a live configuration is opened or saved on an endpoint, it is referred to:

%ProgramData%\AppSense\Environment Manager\Configuration.aemp

To allow for configuration merging, the live configuration can also refer to:

%ProgramData%\AppSense\Environment Manager\Merged_Configuration.aemp

The agent monitors the %ProgramData%\AppSense\Environment Manager directory for new configurations. When a change is detected the agent loads a new configuration using the following order of precedence:

  • Merged_Configuration.aemp
  • Configuration.aemp

If a Merged_Configuration.aemp exists in the directory, it will be the live configuration. If removed, the agent continues to use the in-memory version - when the agent is restarted, the Configuration.aemp file will become the live configuration.

Live Configuration Update Behavior

The BaseConfigMergeBehavior custom setting allows you to define how the live configuration is affected when a Configuration.aemp file is pushed out to endpoints by the Management Center or other deployment method.

You might be deploying a new Configuration.aemp file and want it to be the live configuration on endpoints. Or the Configuration.aemp file might contain updates which you want to add to the current live configuration. The Custom Setting can initiate both scenarios:

  • Remerge - When the configuration is detected on an endpoint by the agent, a merge, based on the last_merge_manifest.xml, is triggered and includes the new Configuration.aemp. The merge creates a new Merged_Configuration.aemp which replaces the current live configuration. A last_merge_manifest.xml must be present otherwise the merge will fail. This is the default value for the Custom Setting and is also the behavior if BaseConfigMergeBehavior is not added to a configuration as a Custom Setting.
  • Replace - When the configuration is detected on an endpoint by the agent, it replaces the Merged_Configuration.aemp as the live configuration. Following the successful deployment of the new Configuration.aemp, the Merged_Configuration.aemp is deleted from the directory.

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