Reusable Conditions

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About Reusable Conditions

Reusable conditions enable common conditions to be applied multiple times within a configuration, without the need to create a new condition for each occurrence. The properties and settings for a reusable condition are identical to every instance of that condition in the configuration and any changes made to the reusable condition are reflected throughout the configuration.

This could be used for a condition which identifies a commonly used application or which uses the Is Administrator condition; any condition which is required for repeated use. Reusable conditions can be created as a new condition or existing conditions can be saved as reusable conditions.

Click the Reusable Conditions trigger to see where reusable conditions have been referenced in the Policy Configuration navigation tree. Each reusable condition is listed with the path of each usage instance displayed beneath.

Reusable Conditions Trigger

The Stop sub nodes on fail setting is applied individually for each instance of a reusable condition in the Policy Configuration and cannot be applied universally to all instances.

The setting only becomes available when a reusable condition is added to a trigger.

Create a reusable condition

  1. In the Policy Configuration navigation tree, select Library > Reusable Conditions.
  2. Create a new node and name the node relevant to the condition.
  3. Highlight the new node and create the required condition(s) from the Conditions ribbon.

The condition is now available for use in other triggers and nodes from the Reusable Conditions button in the Conditions tab.

Create a reusable condition from an existing condition

In the Policy Configuration navigation tree, select the node containing the condition you want to make reusable.

Highlight the required condition in the actions work area and select Copy to Reusable Conditions from the shortcut menu. The option is also available from the Clone button in the Nodes tab.

If the condition you are copying has Stop if fails enabled, you are prompted that this option is not available in the reusable conditions library. As references to reusable conditions contain the Stop Sub Nodes on Fail feature, it is not required in the library.

A new node is automatically created in the Reusable Conditions trigger containing a duplicate condition which is now available as a Reusable Condition.

When a reusable condition is created from an existing condition, a copy is made of the original condition which is identical for every subsequent use. However, this action does not link the original and it is independent to the reusable condition.

Add a reusable condition to a configuration

  1. In the Policy Configuration navigation tree, select the node to which you want to add the condition.
  2. In the Conditions ribbon, select Reusable Conditions and choose a reusable condition.

The condition is added to the node and highlighted in orange.

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