User Conditions

Create conditions for particular users or groups of users identified using Active Directory account name. The defined criteria are compared to that of the logged on user and the associated actions are executed. By doing this you can target actions to users or groups of users to ensure that they can only perform the actions which that user or group requires.

Condition Description Computer Trigger User Trigger
User Name A condition for an individual user based on user name. The user name must be prefixed by the appropriate domain name: domain\user name. No Yes
User Group A condition for a specific group of users such as Power Users or Guests. The agent connects to the Active Directory specified in the condition criteria and collates a list of Security Identifiers (SID) for all the groups the user is a member. A comparison is made with the list against the SID for the configuration. No Yes
Is Administrator A condition based on the administrator rights of the user. No Yes
Primary Group A condition based on membership of an Active Setup Primary Group. All Active Directory users have a Primary Group, used to support certain products. The default setting for Primary Group is Domain Users for all Active Directory users. No Yes
User Process Name A condition to specify a process. Enter, browse or use a regular expression to target the executable for the process you want to create actions for. Can only be used in User Process Started and Process Stopped triggers. No Yes

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