The Counter condition allows the child actions and conditions to be run a specified number of times within a single session. For example, an action could be set to run only for the first three times an application is used in a session. If the application is run again, the action will not run.

Where multiple Counter conditions exist within a single trigger, the uppermost condition in a hierarchy overrides any child conditions.

In the example below, all actions run once as defined by the first condition. The child condition to run twice per session is ignored.

Counter Example

Flow Control replaces the Run Once condition in the 8.0 console which can be replicated by setting the counter to 1. On upgrade from 8.0, any Run Once conditions are upgraded to Flow Control conditions automatically.

Create a Counter Condition

  1. In the Policy Configuration navigation pane, select a node or create a new one.
  2. Counter conditions can be added to all triggers except the following as these only run once per user session or on endpoint startup:
    • Computer Startup
    • Computer Shutdown
    • User Logon
    • User Logoff
  3. In the work area, select an action or condition.
  4. In the Conditions ribbon, select Flow Control > Counter and select the number of times child conditions and actions will run. The minimum value that can be added is 1; there is no maximum value.
  5. Click OK.

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