Environment Manager Support Console

The Support Console offers read-only access to Environment Manager Personalization configurations and allows users to view Personalization Analysis reports. Support Console users can also use the associated analysis functionality, such as roll back application settings and convert discovered applications. Using this role, support teams can safely carry out routine maintenance for end users in a focused environment, without full configuration access to the database to perform these tasks.

When a user with a Support Console role connects, functionality to change the personalization configuration is automatically disabled and the console changes to a blue color scheme.

Support Console Functionality

The table below lists the functionality available to users with a Support Console role.

Function Availability Link
Connect/Disconnect Support Console users can configure the list of Personalization Servers and connect and disconnect to/from them as required. Connection
Advanced Settings Read only access to view the list of database and communications settings. Advanced Settings
Application Exclusions Read-only access to the list of applications which are globally excluded from personalization. Application Exclusions
Options Ribbon Includes the following display options:
  • Show AND and OR labels
  • Disable Splash Screen
  • Reset View Customizations
Options Ribbon
Help Ribbon Access to the online help, the Ivanti website, information about the console and a means of contacting Support. Help Ribbon
Personalization Analysis Full access to Personalization Analysis functionality to enable reports to be run and archives to be managed. Application data can be managed for users and discovered applications can be converted to managed applications. Personalization Analysis

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