Keyboard Shortcuts

Environment Manager uses the following keyboard shortcuts:

Shortcut Key Function
Ctrl+X Cut nodes, actions and conditions.
Ctrl+C Copy nodes, actions and conditions.
Ctrl+V Paste nodes, actions and conditions.
Insert Used as multiple Add functions. For example to add a node or trigger in Policy configurations and to add applications to Allow and Blocklists and personalization groups in User Personalization.
Delete Delete navigation tree and work area elements such as nodes, actions and application groups.
F2 Rename a navigation tree element such as a node or personalization group.
Ctrl+T Disable / enable nodes, actions or conditions.
Ctrl+F Find and replace specific text within a configuration.
Crtl+Arrow keys Move an element within both Policy Configuration and User Personalization navigation trees.
Enter Edit a condition or action. When a condition or action is highlighted, press Enter to open the dialog box to edit the element.

Where a keyboard shortcut is available, it will be listed by the appropriate option in a drop-down list.

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