Modify File Attributes Action

Change the attributes, commonly found within the properties of an existing file. For example, you could make a file writable for administrators but read only for all other users, at logon. Each attribute can be Set, Unset or Ignored. When the action is triggered on a user’s endpoint, those attributes defined, will be applied to the selected file.

Create a Modify File Attribute Action

  1. Select the Policy Configuration navigation button.
  2. Select the node or condition.
  3. In the Actions ribbon, select File & Folder > Modify File Attributes. The Modify File Attributes dialog displays showing the Set File Attribute tab.
  4. In the File field, use the ellipsis (...) to navigate to the file you want to update.
  5. Select an action for each of the following attributes:
    • Read-Only
    • Hidden
    • System
    • Archive
    • Temporary

    Each attribute can be set to one of the following:

    • Set - Applies the attribute
    • Unset - Does not alter the attribute
    • Ignore - Does not alter the current setting
  6. Complete the optional tabs as required.
    See also Configuring Actions in the Action Management help.
  7. Click OK.
  8. The action is created in the selected node. When the action is triggered on a user’s endpoint, the attributes defined, are applied to the selected file.

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