Change Tracking for Personalization

The Personalization Change Tracking feature tracks every change made in the Environment Manager Personalization module, including details about the person who made the change, a summary of the change, and the time stamp of the change.

Enabling Change Tracking

From the Environment Manager Personalization module:

  1. Click the Manage tab.

  2. The application menu displays a Personalization Change Tracking menu with four options:

    • Enable or Disable: Click this button to enable or disable change tracking.

    • Change History: Click to view a list of change events recorded while Change Tracking is on.

    • Delete History: Click to delete the existing history of changes.

    • Export History: Click to export the history of changes to a .csv file.

Viewing the Change History

To view a history of changes:

  1. Click the Manage tab.

  2. Click Change History in the application menu to open the Personalization Change History window.

There are two ways to view the details of a change:

  1. Right click an item and select an option from the context menu:

    • Show Detail: Opens a window with additional details about the change.

    • Reset Layout: Resets the Personalization Change History layout to default.

    • Copy Line: Copies the data in the line item.

  2. Select an item to expand, and click Show Detail.