Set Desktop Wallpaper

  1. Set the background to be displayed on user endpoints.
  2. In the Policy Configuration navigation tree, select or create a node or condition.
  3. In the Actions ribbon, select Set Desktop Wallpaper.
  4. Enter a folder path and filename or click the ellipsis to select the required image. The following file types are compatible with this action:
    • Bitmap (*.bmp *.dib *.rle)
    • Jpeg (*.jpg *.jpeg *.jpe *.jfif)
  5. Select how the wallpaper is displayed:
    • Center
    • Fill
    • Fit
    • Span
    • Stretch
    • Tile
  6. Select Copy to to save the image on endpoints and enter or navigate to the required location.
  7. Click OK to save the action.
    See also Configuring Actions in the Action Management help.

For local Windows 7 users who have the Windows theme set and have not previously logged onto a client, the wallpaper set by this action is overwritten by the Windows theme. This only affects the initial logon - for all subsequent logons, the wallpaper defined in this action is applied.

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