Create Text File Action

When triggered, this action creates a text file at a specified location. This could be any type of plain text file such as LOG, CSV, TXT or JS.

  1. In the Policy Configuration navigation tree, select or create a node or condition.
  2. In the Actions ribbon, select File & Folder > Create Text File.
  3. In the File field, enter the required path and filename or use the ellipsis (...) to navigate to the text file to create on managed endpoints. If the path does not already exist on an endpoint, it will be created.
  4. Apply the required behavior if the file already exists on an endpoint:
    • Fail if file already exists - The action fails and the existing file remains on endpoints. A fail event is reported to any configured log. If the option is not selected, the action fails but does not record an error.
    • Overwrite existing file - The existing file is replaced by the file defined in this action.
  5. In the Editor field, enter any text or script to populate the file with.
  6. Select the file attributes to apply to the created file:
    • Read-only
    • Hidden
    • System
    • Archive
    • Temporary
  7. Select the required character encoding for the file:
    • ANSI
    • UTF-8
    • Unicode (UTF-16)
  8. Complete the optional tabs as required.
    See also Configuring Actions in the Action Management help.
  9. Click OK to create the action.

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