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Map Point Configuration

Map points allow usage policy sets to be targeted to different users based on the server they connect to and their OU membership. You can create Map Points for whole OUs, user groups, and individual users to create a usage policy that meets their requirements while adhering to your security policy.

There are two parts to setting a Map Point:

  • Connection String - Define the File Director server for the Map Point and set the download policy.
  • Policy - Define usage policies and platform access for the Map Point.
  1. Select Configuration > Map Points and click Add New. Or click Edit to update an existing Map Point.
  2. Enter a name for your map point. This can be any value to easily identify the map point.

    The name "Home" is reserved for use by Active Directory home drive settings and should not be set as the name of a webdav or SMB map point.
    Do not name a Map Point “Share”.

  3. Enter a connection string.
    • It is recommended that file servers are entered as fully qualified domain names (FQDN), particularly if you are using Kerberos authentication.
    • SMB connection strings must begin with \\ or smb://
    • WebDav connection strings must begin with http:// or https:// To designate a user directory, insert %UserName% into the share path, for example, %UserName% is case sensitive.
  4. Select the required sync mode:
    • Manual: Only download files as requested by the user - Files are downloaded to a user device as they are opened.
    • Automatic: Download/sync all files for this map point - All File Director files are downloaded locally when the user logs in to File Director and changed, and new local files are automatically synchronized with the server.

      These settings apply to Windows and Mac clients. Mobile devices upload and download on demand rather than sync.

      For Windows clients, electives can be applied that prevent certain files being automatically downloaded. For example, certain file types or files above a certain size can be prevented from being automatically downloaded. See File Sync Controls.

  5. Click Save.

  6. To set a policy for the map point, click the Set policy for this map point.

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