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Sync Status

Shows the status of File Director endpoints in terms or sync activity. The value is automatically updated and can be used in applications, such as Environment Manager, to create actions and conditions that are dependent on the sync status of endpoints.

For debugging purposes, endpoints can be configured to display the sync status in a system tray notification. Shift + right-click on the File Director icon in system tray and select Diagnostics > Sync Status Notifications. When this is enabled and the status changes, a notification displays the new status.

Values Description

Value Name:DataNowSyncStatus

Value Type: REG_DWORD

The DataNowSyncStatus value is stored in HKCU\Software\AppSense\DataNow and can show one of the following values:

Value Name:SyncStatusDebounce

Value Type: REG_DWORD

Default Value: 60,000

The SyncStatusDebounce value is expressed in milliseconds. It determines the period that monitored queues must be idle before the file sync status check is initiated. The default value is 60,000 milliseconds which equates to a one minute delay.

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