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Apply a certificate to the appliance

This section describes how to apply a certificate for both Private and Public Certification Authority (CA). Most major public CA root certificates are included in the File Director appliance and in client operating systems for the computers and devices that support the File Director client.

You must have the root certificate from your Private CA. If your CA is a subordinate CA you will require its certificate (intermediate/chain) and any other subordinate CA certificates and the root certificate.

File Director uses 2048-bit RSA certificates in Base64 PEM format:

  1. Root Certificate
  2. Chain 1 Certificate
  3. Chain 2 Certificate
  4. Server Certificate

Certificate Path

Before continuing with this process, we recommend that you take a hypervisor snapshot to back up the pending CSR state prior to any further configuration.

Apply certificates to File Director

To restart the certificate upload process, click Reset Certificates. Any entered data is deleted without removing the pending Certificate Signing Request (CSR).

  1. Locate the CER file for the root certificate.
  2. Open the certificate in a text editor, such as Notepad.
  3. Copy the text including the BEGIN CERTIFICATE and END CERTIFICATE statements.
  4. In the File Director admin console, select Configuration > SSL Certificate.
  5. In the Set New Certificate area of the File Director appliance, paste the certificate details into the text box.
  6. Select Root Certificate and click Upload Certificate.

    Appliance Root Certificate

    A message will confirm that the certificate has been installed.

  7. Add your Chain Certificate - select Chain Certificate/Bundle and click Upload Certificate.

    A message confirms that the certificate has been installed.

  8. Add your Server Certificate - select Server Certificate and click Upload Certificate.

When all certificates have successfully installed, an information message informs you that the certificate has been enrolled.

To test the certificate, close and reopen the browser and connect to the admin console using the fully qualified server name specified in the certificate. If the certificates are installed correctly, the browser connects securely without any security warnings.

We recommend that you back up the File Director appliance configuration snapshot.

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