Sync status

Shows the status of File Director endpoints in terms of sync activity. The value is automatically updated and can be used in applications, such as Environment Manager, to create actions and conditions that are dependent on the sync status of endpoints.

For debugging purposes, endpoints can be configured to display the sync status in a system tray notification.
Press Shift + right-click on the File Director icon in system tray and select Diagnostics > Sync Status Notifications.
When this is enabled and the status changes, a notification displays the new status.

Values Description

Value Name: DataNowSyncStatus

Value Type: REG_DWORD

The DataNowSyncStatus value is stored in HKCU\Software\AppSense\DataNow and can show one of the following values:

0 = IDLE - The synchronization queues are idle.

1 = SYNCING - There is some sync activity currently occurring on the endpoint such as uploading, downloading and listing. This activity makes it unsuitable for an upgrade.

2 = PAUSED - There is currently no sync activity on the endpoint and its state is remains unknown until the endpoint is taken off pause.

3 = OFFLINE - The endpoint is offline and until it contacts the server, its state remains unknown.

4 = IN-SYNC - All files have been uploaded. This is the ideal state for an upgrade, refresh or OS update.

Value Name:SyncStatusDebounce

Value Type: REG_DWORD

Default Value: 60,000

The SyncStatusDebounce value is expressed in milliseconds. It determines the period that monitored queues must be idle before the file sync status check is initiated. The default value is 60,000 milliseconds which equates to a one minute delay.

Note: files in the cache configured for ShadowSync can impact the sync status and prevent completion of synchronization. By default, these files are synchronized every 24 hours. This frequency can be determined using the ShadowSyncPeriod engineering key. Lowering this value will enable synchronization to complete more frequently.
See File Sync Controls.

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