Back up a certificate

A PKCS #12 / PFX certificate containing your encrypted SSL certificate and your private key can be downloaded from your File Director appliance to provide a back up. You can use this when configuring new installations of the appliance without having to repeat the process of configuring an SSL certificate.

  1. From the Admin console, select the Configuration > SSL Certificate.
  2. If required, click to expand the Backup a certificate section.

  3. If required, enter an encryption password.

    Encryption passwords are optional and add an extra level of security. If a password is applied during download, it will be required to successfully upload your certificate. Passwords are non-recoverable, so it is important that you preserve the password in a safe location.

  4. Click Download P12 and save the certificate file to your required location.

The exported PKCS#12 will include the server certificate, any intermediate certificates, the root certificate and the private key.

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