Install root certificates on Android

Trusted root certificates

It is recommended that secure connections are protected by an SSL certificate signed by a public certificate authority (CA). However, during testing or evaluation phases, you may choose to use a certificate chain signed by a private or internal CA. In this case, you will need to install the trusted root SSL certificate on each of your client devices.

You can avoid having to install the trusted root certificate onto each client by using certificates signed by a public CA.
Free, time-limited certificates are available from some public CAs and are recommended to cover testing or evaluation periods.
If you experience difficulties with a certificate issued by a public CA, then review the appliance certificate configuration.

Network provisioning tools are available for installing trusted SSL certificates onto clients. However, the instructions below focus on individual client devices.

This procedure is based on installing the root certificate on a Google Nexus phone running Android 4.0.4. It uses Internet Explorer in Windows 7 to download the certificate. You need to connect the phone to the PC using a USB cable in order to transfer the file to the device. For other phones you can use removable memory cards or email to transfer the file.

  1. Connect the phone to the PC using a USB cable.
  2. In Internet Explorer, browse to the File Director Website or File Director Admin console as follows:
    • Website: https://<server_address>
    • Admin console: https://<server_address>

    The browser displays a security warning.

  3. Click Continue to the website.
  4. In the address bar, right-click the certificate and select View Certificates.
  5. On the certificate dialog, click the Details tab.
  6. Click Copy to file.
  7. In the wizard, select Base-64 encoded binary X.509 (.CER) and save the file locally on the PC.

    You must install this certificate as a trusted certificate for the Android device.

  8. Copy the file to the root of the Android internal storage.

    For the Google Nexus this is Computer > Galaxy Nexus > Internal Storage.

  9. Disconnect the phone from the PC.
  10. On the phone, pull down the status bar and click the settings button beside the date.
  11. Select Security > Credential storage > Install from storage.
  12. Verify the certificate name and click OK.

Android adds the certificate to the phone trusted certificates.

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