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Files screen

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Navigation icons

The screen layout differs between iPad and iPhone devices but both present the same information and offer the same functionality.

Files screen

By default, after log in, the Files view lists the map points available to you from the connected server.
Tap the map point required to view its contents. Recently added or updated files are identified and can be viewed or downloaded (see iOS HD App tasks).

On iPad and some larger iPhones the view is split; with folders on the left and files tiled on the right. On smaller iPhones folders are listed first, followed by file items.

1.The name of the current server folder.
The example illustrated shows files in the FD Team Share folder

2.Sub-folders within the current folder are listed.

3.The number of items in each sub-folder is listed.

4.Tab bar is common to all views. The current view icon is highlighted.
In this illustration, the number overlay indicates there are currently 1502 files awaiting synchronization.

Most Viewed/Last Accessed

Displays recently viewed files.

1.The current view or folder name

2.Most recently viewed files are listed first.

Most Recent

The view displays the root folder structure of your map point. Tap the folder required to list all files it contains. Most recently viewed files are listed first.

1.The name of the current folder.

2.All files are listed- including those within sub-folders.


The dynamic content shows the number of files currently in the process of being downloaded. To cancel a download that is in progress, tap the file icon, then tap Cancel.

1.Files in the process of download are listed.
Once download is complete the files are no longer included in this view.


The view shows the current account information; File Director server address, the current user ID, and a summary of files downloaded and file storage details.

1.Files Downloaded indicates the number of files downloaded followed by the total number of files on the server.
In the example illustrated, 2 of 112 available files have been downloaded.

Navigation icons

The following icons are used to navigate between views, and map point contents.
The current view icon is highlighted in the tab bar.

Icon Description

Tab bar icon
Files - Tap to open the Files view.

Icon overlay
When new or updated files are identified on the server a small badge overlay is added to the relevant view icons in the navigation bar. The overlay indicates the number of updated files available.

The overlay can apply to the following views: Files, Most Viewed and Most Recent.

Tab bar icon
Most Viewed - Tap to open the Most Viewed view.

Tab bar icon
Most Recent - Tap to open the Most Recent view.

Tab bar icon
Downloads - Tap to open the Downloads view.

When active, an overlay is added to the Downloads icon ti indicate the number of files currently downloading.

Tab bar icon
Account - Tap to open the Account view.

Previous view or previous folder link - located at top left of screen.
Depending upon context, this link displays either the name of the view, or the name of the parent folder.
Tap the link to return to your previous view or folder.

Keyboard shortcut
Double-tap the Tab key to view the contents of your map point folder.

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