Install and start the File Director appliance

  1. Log into Ivanti Support and download the required File Director appliance software.

    Appliance software is available for ESXi 6.7 or later and Hyper-V 2012 R2.

  2. Extract the appliance image files and template.
  3. In the hypervisor or virtual machine manager, import the template.
  4. The template creates the required appliance environment.
  5. Start the appliance.

If you subsequently make changes to your VM network and you have DHCP enabled, you will need to reboot the appliance to renew the DHCP lease.


Start the appliance and change your password

During deployment, connectivity can be lost when the appliance is migrated to another node, for example following a reboot. Network configurations will not be applied because dynamic MAC addresses assigned in Hyper-V are lost when the node is moved.
To solve this issue, configure a static MAC address in Hyper-V prior to booting the appliance for the first time.

  1. Start or power on the virtual machine and wait for the appliance to boot.
  2. If required, change the input locale. Press F9 to cycle through the available options. This sets the character mapping for your keyboard.

    The default locale for keyboard mapping is US English. If you set a password which contains characters with different mapping in your locale, it could affect your login. For example, if your password is set to P@ssword through the console using a UK English keyboard, it will be recorded as P"ssword Therefore, if you log in from the web client or an SSH client which supports character translation, the wrong password will be supplied and login will fail.

  3. Press F2.

    The password prompt displays.

    If you have a DHCP server, you can now open the web browser and continue the configuration of your File Director appliance from there. You will require the URL displayed.

    If you have no DHCP server you will need to continue in the text console to configure networking.

  4. Enter the default password: Ivanti

    The Main Menu displays.

    The password must be changed before networking can be configured.
    Do not forget the appliance password. It cannot be recovered.

  5. Select Change Password and press Enter.
    Note, the appliance password can also be reset from the Admin console (2021.1), refer to Check the Appliance Status.

  6. Type the new password and press Enter.
  7. Type the new password again to verify it and press Enter.

    The Main Menu displays with the Configure networking option now available.

    Appliance Configure Networking

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