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Ivanti learns most about our products from the real-world experience of our valued customer base. We greatly value the feedback provided to us. However, to make the best-informed decisions on future developments of our products we need a wide view of deployment and adoption data.

Telemetry data can help us measure the quality, scalability, reliability and capabilities of our products. Using such data could enable us to deliver the solutions our customers demand faster, and alert us to areas which customers would find less useful.

Ivanti want to ensure a high level of transparency on this topic. The telemetry data that we gather is listed below. It is the same set of data that our customer support teams use to resolve user issues. The gathering of this data is in-line with our existing EULA agreement. Nevertheless, any customers not wishing to participate can withhold this data from being sent.

Data gathered

Data is gathered from each appliance and sent to a secure Application Insights instance.

General data collected:

Appliance Hostname

Cluster ID (this is a hash of the cluster name and port)

Customer name


License key

License key count

Server version number (Marketing No.)

Support mode status.

Specific information is gathered from the client and from the server.

Client telemetry

OS build number and version number.

The current telemetry also includes feature usage - as defined by the use of engineering keys.
The data retrieved states whether the feature (engineering key) is enabled on the client.

Server telemetry

The current server telemetry data also includes feature usage - as defined by your configuration settings.

Firewall changes

To allow this data to reach Ivanti there is a requirement to open some outgoing ports within your server’s firewall.

Please refer to the Outgoing Ports > Telemetry section of this Microsoft article.

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