File Director Authorization.mobileconfig

Approval requirements of macOS

All supported versions of macOS require the granting of full disk access for File Director.
See also user help relating to macOS 10.15, Catalina.

Under certain conditions it is possible to use the File Director Authorization.mobileconfig file included with the File Director software to remove the need for user approvals.

The File Director Maintained Platforms Matrix specifies the minimum supported versions for the different technology platforms that File Director may require.

File Director Authorization.mobileconfig

Since version 4.1, The File Director Authorization.mobileconfig is included in the File Director Mac client installer package. Effectively, it pre-authenticates the File Director app for full disk access, and approves the installation of required system files. It works by deploying a profile through Mobile Device Management (MDM). Ivanti Endpoint Manager is an example of an MDM solution.


The computer is managed by an MDM Solution 

Achieved via one of the following:

Via automated enrollment after delivery

The user has accepted the MDM enrollment (user-authenticated MDM).

With prerequisites met, the administrator can deploy the File Director Authorization.mobileconfig file via MDM before File Director is installed. Deploying the file will remove the requirement for users to grant permissions.

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